Missing Teeth Replacement with
- Dentures in Lucknow

Dentures are an effective and popular treatment option for individuals with missing teeth. These custom-made oral appliances provide a natural-looking smile and restore proper chewing function. Whether partial or full, dentures enhance confidence and improve overall oral health, allowing individuals to enjoy a complete set of teeth once again.

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Missing Teeth Replacement with Dentures in Lucknow Today

Dentures at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic

Benefits of Dentures Treatment for Missing Tooth Replacement

  1. Restored Appearance
  2. Improved Chewing and Speech
  3. Enhanced Oral Health
  4. Affordable Option
  5. Boost in Confidence

Steps Involved in Dentures Treatment for Missing Teeth Replacement

  1. Consultation and Assessment
  2. Customized Denture Design
  3. Denture Fabrication
  4. Fitting and Adjustments
  5. Ongoing Care and Maintenance

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Providing dental care that takes into account the overall well-being of the patient, rather than just focusing on the treatment of individual teeth or oral problems.

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High-quality, ethical Dental Treatments in Lucknow with the Best Experienced Team of Dentists.

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What our Patients say about Dentures

Prachi Priya
Prachi Priya
8. May, 2023
A very comfortable and painless experience. Dr. Aditi did my root canal treatment with utmost patience and care. She took extra care since I was quite anxious before the treatment. Would highly recommend her and Focus smiles for all dental procedures. Thank you doctor.
Shruti C
Shruti C
7. May, 2023
A very professional and considerate approach by Dr Aditi, immaculate and state of art infrastructure with painless and absolutely smooth experience overall, highly recommended for all the dental procedures.
Rahul Mishra
Rahul Mishra
6. May, 2023
Very professional, great hospitality and great treatment. Had two root canal procedures done and I was out of pain in no. I would highly recommend this clinic and Dr Aditi’s treatment.
Anirudh CV
Anirudh CV
6. May, 2023
Got my mother's treatment done here from a friend's referral. Extremely satisfied with the sequential procedures done. Big thanks to Dr. Aditi Mohan for her care and attitude towards us.
Vibhuti Santhalia
Vibhuti Santhalia
6. May, 2023
Best experience with dr Aditi I got my cleaning done from here. She is V good at her work
shilpi shukla
shilpi shukla
5. May, 2023
Focus Smiles Dental Clinic is the place where your teeth are shines and more shines after every visit. THANKS TO THE Dr. And Team Focus Smile for your best services as always. Starrs Counts 5
nidhi jain
nidhi jain
5. May, 2023
My experience was good as the clinic has all the latest equipments and the treatment given by the doctor was also effective.


Dentures Treatment in Lucknow


What is a Denture? – Dentures in Lucknow:

Dentures provided by Focus Smiles Dental Clinic are prosthetic devices that can replace missing teeth and restore your smile. Dentures can be given in the upper, lower, or both jaws. They can closely resemble your natural teeth and make eating and speaking easier.

Below are different types of dentures to suit various conditions and mouths, such as:

  • Complete Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Overdentures
  • Implant Supported Dentures

The Cost of Dentures at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic may vary per the case and requirements, such as the current oral health, number of teeth replaced, type of denture, etc.

Who may require a Denture? – Dentures in Lucknow:

Anyone can have missing teeth regardless of age or gender. Dentures can be used as an aid to replace missing teeth where they have been lost due to the following conditions:

  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Facial injury or trauma
  • Severe gum diseases

Benefits of getting a Denture – Dentures in Lucknow:

Dentures come with an array of benefits for those who require them, such as:

  • Providing a more effortless and clearer speech
  • Improving nutritional status by enhancing the ability to chew and swallow
  • Preventing the sagging of facial skin that occurs due to the deterioration of jawbones and muscles because of missing teeth
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Preventing the teeth from getting crooked, shifted, or tilted

Types of Dentures- Dentures in Lucknow:

Dentists at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic can help you choose the type of denture that best suits your smile depending on the number of missing teeth and current dental status. These can be of the following types:

Complete Dentures:

It is also called a full denture; complete dentures replace the entire row of missing natural teeth. They rest on the gums in either the upper jaw,  lower jaw, or both. Complete Dentures are often made of acrylic plates with attached artificial teeth. They are removable and are held in place by suction.

Partial Dentures:

It is also called removable partial dentures. Partial Dentures can be considered where there is a single or a section of missing teeth. They are held in place with the help of a metal framework that fits onto adjacent natural teeth.


Overdentures can be fixed or removable. It covers and rests on one or more natural teeth after the dentist has reshaped them. This is considered in cases where the natural teeth can be saved to preserve the jawbone and improve the stability and support of the denture. An overdenture can also be held in place by dental implants.

Procedure – Dentures in Lucknow:

Step 1:

Dentists at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic will take an impression of the upper and lower jaws. This is done to study the relation of the jaws with one another.

Step 2:

These impressions are then sent to a dental lab to craft a study model (mouth replica). This helps in creating custom dentures.

Step 3:

This custom denture aids in carefully examining if it is putting pressure on any areas in the mouth, checking the fitting, and making any further adjustments if required.

Step 4:

The patient is made to try the custom denture; if necessary, the dentist will make the final adjustments.

Step 5:

This is then processed into the final denture and delivered to the patient.

Post-treatment care of a Denture – Dentures in Lucknow:

Like natural teeth, dentures need proper care and maintenance. When properly taken care of, dentures can last for many years. A few measures that can be taken to maximize the life of a denture are listed below:

  • Make sure to clean your dentures in the morning and at night.
  • Do not sleep with dentures on. This prevents any infections and gives the mouth time to rest and relax.
  • After removing the dentures at night, put them in a safe place in a glass of water or denture cleansing solution overnight.
  • Rinse the dentures before brushing to remove any loose food or plaque.
  • With the help of a soft bristle toothbrush, gently brush all the surfaces of the denture.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene. Clean the mouth thoroughly, including the gums, cheeks, roof of the mouth, and tongue, to remove any plaque.
  • Never place the denture in hot water, as it may damage it.