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Dental Trauma Treatments at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic

Benefits of Dental Trauma Treatment

  1. Pain Relief: Dental trauma treatment can provide immediate relief from the pain and discomfort caused by a broken or fractured tooth. Whether it’s a chip, crack, or a more severe injury, dental professionals can address the underlying issue and alleviate your discomfort.

  2. Restored Functionality: A broken or fractured tooth can hinder your ability to chew and speak properly. Dental trauma treatment aims to restore the functionality of your tooth, allowing you to eat, speak, and engage in daily activities without any limitations.

Advantages of Dental Trauma Treatment

  1. Prevent Further Damage: Ignoring dental trauma can lead to more severe problems down the line. By seeking prompt treatment, you can prevent the risk of infection, decay, or additional damage to the affected tooth or surrounding teeth. Timely intervention is crucial to preserving your oral health.

  2. Long-Term Oral Health: Seeking dental trauma treatment is essential for maintaining your long-term oral health. By addressing the issue early on, dental professionals can prevent complications and ensure the longevity of your tooth. Regular check-ups and follow-up care can help monitor the treated tooth and ensure its continued health and function.

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What our Patients say about Dental Trauma Treatments

Prachi Priya
Prachi Priya
8. May, 2023
A very comfortable and painless experience. Dr. Aditi did my root canal treatment with utmost patience and care. She took extra care since I was quite anxious before the treatment. Would highly recommend her and Focus smiles for all dental procedures. Thank you doctor.
Shruti C
Shruti C
7. May, 2023
A very professional and considerate approach by Dr Aditi, immaculate and state of art infrastructure with painless and absolutely smooth experience overall, highly recommended for all the dental procedures.
Rahul Mishra
Rahul Mishra
6. May, 2023
Very professional, great hospitality and great treatment. Had two root canal procedures done and I was out of pain in no. I would highly recommend this clinic and Dr Aditi’s treatment.
Anirudh CV
Anirudh CV
6. May, 2023
Got my mother's treatment done here from a friend's referral. Extremely satisfied with the sequential procedures done. Big thanks to Dr. Aditi Mohan for her care and attitude towards us.
Vibhuti Santhalia
Vibhuti Santhalia
6. May, 2023
Best experience with dr Aditi I got my cleaning done from here. She is V good at her work
shilpi shukla
shilpi shukla
5. May, 2023
Focus Smiles Dental Clinic is the place where your teeth are shines and more shines after every visit. THANKS TO THE Dr. And Team Focus Smile for your best services as always. Starrs Counts 5
nidhi jain
nidhi jain
5. May, 2023
My experience was good as the clinic has all the latest equipments and the treatment given by the doctor was also effective.

Dental Trauma Treatment in Lucknow

What is Dental Trauma – Dental Trauma Treatment in Lucknow:

Dental Trauma is a physical injury that involves the teeth, gums, and jawbone. It may also affect soft tissues, such as lips and tongue.

Types of injuries caused by Dental Trauma:

The following injuries fall under the category of dental trauma:


Also called a knocked-out tooth is a condition in which the tooth completely comes out of the socket as an impact of trauma.


It is one of the most severe dental injuries in which the tooth gets pushed into the socket.


It involves the damage to the ligaments that hold a tooth into its place without abnormal loosening or displacement of the tooth. It may lead to discoloration of the tooth.


It refers to a condition where traumatic impacts loosen the tooth but are not entirely knocked out of the socket. It shows mobility, and the tooth may be moved forward, sideways, or backward.

Common causes of Dental Trauma – Dental Trauma Treatment in Lucknow:

The most conditions causing dental trauma include:

  • falling over on your face
  • being hit in the face
  • having an accident while playing a sport
  • eating something extremely hard

Conditions on which the treatment depends –  Dental Trauma Treatment in Lucknow:

Dentists at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic may evaluate you on the following basis before commencing the treatment for dental trauma:

  • cause of injury
  • time since injury
  • if any first aid was rendered
  • sensitivity to hot or cold
  • any previous dental history (including injuries, crowns, or prostheses)

Treatment of Dental Injuries – Dental Trauma Treatment in Lucknow:

Treatment of dental trauma at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic depends on the type of injury, such as:


In cases of avulsion, keep the tooth with you and hold it by the crown (visible white part of the tooth). Rinse it with water but don’t touch or rub the tooth.

Place the tooth back in its socket in the right direction and way. Do not force it into place. If it’s impossible, put the tooth in a small container of milk, your saliva, or a glass of water containing a pinch of table salt. Irrespective of any circumstance, visit the dentist as quickly as possible.


The treatment plant in cases of intrusion depends on the displacement of the tooth. Depending upon how much tooth structure has been formed and the impact of the injury, the dentist may decide to leave it on its own to reposition itself, or it may require certain treatments, such as extraction.


In cases of concussion, extensive treatments are not required generally. The tooth should be kept under observation to optimize the healing of the periodontal ligament (the structure that supports the tooth) to maintain healthy pulp.


In cases of luxation, the dentist at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic may consider repositioning the affected tooth depending on the degree of its mobilization. They may also provide you with a splint to stabilize the tooth.

Does the treatment differ in children? – Dental Trauma Treatment in Lucknow:

If baby teeth have been chipped off, they can be restored using a tooth-colored filling.

Dislodged or avulsed baby teeth should not be replanted in the tooth socket because it may cause further damage to the developing permanent tooth growing inside the bone.

Children’s permanent teeth that are still developing at the time of the injury need utmost attention and careful follow-up. Some may need it, but not all of them will require root canal treatment.

Aftercare – Dental Trauma Treatment in Lucknow:

  • If you have been given a splint, avoid biting onto hard substances and follow a soft diet to prevent damage to the splint or the treated tooth.
  • Avoid indulging in any sports activities for at least two weeks.
  • While your teeth are healing, it is crucial to maintain proper oral hygiene. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and rinse your mouth after meals to avoid the accumulation of any food particles.
  • If you have been prescribed any painkillers or antibiotics, make sure you follow the complete course.
  • Make sure to meet your dentist at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic as and when required.