Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Get rid of Pain and Swelling in Wisdom Tooth area
- Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure to remove the third molars located at the back of your mouth. It is done by a dentist or oral surgeon to prevent pain, overcrowding, and potential oral health issues. The process involves numbing the area, removing the tooth, and allowing for proper healing afterward.

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Steps of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The wisdom tooth extraction process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Evaluation and X-rays
  2. Anesthesia and numbing
  3. Tooth removal
  4. Closure and recovery

Aftercare – Wisdom Tooth Extraction

After wisdom tooth extraction, it’s important to follow these care instructions:

  1. Take prescribed pain medication.
  2. Maintain oral hygiene by gently rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater multiple times a day.
  3. Avoid using a straw, smoking, or consuming hot and spicy foods for the first few days.
  4. Follow any specific dietary guidelines provided by your dentist or oral surgeon.

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Prachi Priya
Prachi Priya
8. May, 2023
A very comfortable and painless experience. Dr. Aditi did my root canal treatment with utmost patience and care. She took extra care since I was quite anxious before the treatment. Would highly recommend her and Focus smiles for all dental procedures. Thank you doctor.
Shruti C
Shruti C
7. May, 2023
A very professional and considerate approach by Dr Aditi, immaculate and state of art infrastructure with painless and absolutely smooth experience overall, highly recommended for all the dental procedures.
Rahul Mishra
Rahul Mishra
6. May, 2023
Very professional, great hospitality and great treatment. Had two root canal procedures done and I was out of pain in no. I would highly recommend this clinic and Dr Aditi’s treatment.
Anirudh CV
Anirudh CV
6. May, 2023
Got my mother's treatment done here from a friend's referral. Extremely satisfied with the sequential procedures done. Big thanks to Dr. Aditi Mohan for her care and attitude towards us.
Vibhuti Santhalia
Vibhuti Santhalia
6. May, 2023
Best experience with dr Aditi I got my cleaning done from here. She is V good at her work
shilpi shukla
shilpi shukla
5. May, 2023
Focus Smiles Dental Clinic is the place where your teeth are shines and more shines after every visit. THANKS TO THE Dr. And Team Focus Smile for your best services as always. Starrs Counts 5
nidhi jain
nidhi jain
5. May, 2023
My experience was good as the clinic has all the latest equipments and the treatment given by the doctor was also effective.


Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Lucknow


What are Wisdom Teeth? – Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Lucknow:

Wisdom Teeth, or third molars, are the four permanent teeth located at the back of your mouth in the upper and lower jaws. They tend to erupt in in late teens or twenties.

Sometimes, wisdom teeth partially erupt (do not come out entirely) and get stuck against nearby teeth or bones called impacted teeth. This often leads to the formation of a flap of gum over the tooth.

What is Wisdom Tooth removal? – Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Lucknow:

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Lucknow, offered by Focus Smiles Dental Clinic, is a surgical process. It is a regular dental procedure performed under anesthesia.

If a wisdom tooth is impacted, the surgeon will make an incision through the gum to access the molar. To carefully remove it, the dentist may section it into pieces and make the extraction easier.

Conditions requiring wisdom tooth removal:

Pulling out a wisdom tooth is one of the most commonly performed dental extractions. They are usually removed when they cause problems or are likely to. Some of the conditions are:

  • pain near the back of your mouth
  • food lodgement around the wisdom teeth
  • developing gum disease, particularly around the molars
  • tooth decay in a partially erupted wisdom tooth

What if I delay the procedure?

If left unattended, delay in the removal of wisdom tooth can cause:

  • gum diseases
  • formation of cysts or tumors
  • damage to adjacent teeth or bone
  • malocclusion due to lack of space in the jaw
  • nerve damage

How are the wisdom teeth removed? – Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Lucknow: 

The dentists at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic will carefully evaluate the condition of your wisdom tooth. Depending on the case, dental extractions such as wisdom tooth removal may take 45-60 minutes.

  1. Prior to dental extractions, X-rays are done to determine the exact location and position of the tooth.
  2. The dentist numbs the wisdom tooth and surrounding tissues with a local anesthetic. This ensures pain-free removal of the tooth.
  3. The surgeon then removes any gum tissue covering the wisdom tooth to access the tooth properly.
  4. If the tooth is wholly or partially covered with bone, bone removal is done using specialized dental instruments.
  5. Once the tooth is visible, it is gently loosened from any connective tissue in the tooth’s socket. The dentist may also divide the tooth into sections to facilitate easy removal.
  6. Using specialized surgical instruments, the tooth is then removed from the socket.
  7. The dentist at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic may give stitches to close up the extraction site.

Recovery time – Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Lucknow:

The majority of people take three to four days to recover. However, if your wisdom tooth was impacted or tilted at an angle, it may take about a week to recover. For some people, it may take up to two weeks as well.

Post-operative Instructions – Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Lucknow:

The wound left behind after surgery takes time to heal, and thus it is crucial to follow the post-operative instruction given by your dentist at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic.

Within 24 hours:

  • Remove the gauze pad applied by the dentist on the extraction site after 30-45 minutes of placement.
  • After removing the gauze pad, you can consume cold foods such as ice cream.
  • Apply an icepack on the cheek adjacent to the extraction site.
  • Do not take any hot food or beverage. You can have semi-solid or soft foods at room temperature.
  • Do not use straws, spit, brush, or gargle vigorously.
  • Avoid sleeping on the side of extraction. Instead, elevate your head to arrest bleeding using an extra pillow.
  • Avoid consuming aerated drinks.
  • Ensure to take your medicines on time as prescribed by the dentist at Focus Smiles Dental Clinic.

After the first 24 hours of dental extractions:

  • Do warm saline rinses 2-3 times a day.
  • Rinse your mouth with normal water after eating to avoid food lodgement.
  • Brush properly, avoiding the extraction site.
  • Avoid using straws till the extraction socket heals.
  • Follow up with your dentist after three days of extraction for follow-up.
  • Your dentist will call you for the removal of sutures (stitches), if any, depending on the status of your healing socket.